Welcome to Bookstore Jacqueline Mead.  Discover the inspiration behind my children's books, and why I began writing at 56. I share links to purchase my books and you can keep Updated on the publication of my next children's book, The Tales of Mr. Mouse. You can also read some of my short stories and poems.


My name is Jacqueline Mead, and I am a Children’s Author and a Poet from Exeter, England, UK. I have written three Children’s stories and two poetry collections. I started writing in 2017 at the age of fifty-six.


In 2017 I decided to convert a story I made up for my own children’s bedtime into a children’s rhyming story.  Of course, at bedtime, to my children, I read well-known books and authors from Funnybones to Winnie the Pooh. My children loved reading. Although their favourite story was one that I made up. About three children, two brothers, and a sister flying to the moon and finding it made of cheese. Of course, I would add lots of noises and actions into the stories, particularly as the rocket lifted higher and higher. They found it particularly funny that the Moon was made of cheese. When they returned home, they had a bellyache from eating so much and could not eat the tea their Mummy had made them, their favourite Macaroni Cheese. My children would ask for the story again and again, and in 2017 I published it as Two Princes and A Princess Fly to the Moon. I wrote this book for my children, their legacy if you like.  There are three books in the series, but the series is currently unpublished as I work on a redesign.


My latest book is The Tales of Mr Mouse and Friends who is a dapper chappy, Mr Mouse loves nothing more than tending his award winning garden and sharing afternoon tea with his best friends Frog and Bee.  It is a delightful book and beautifully illustrated by the talented illustrator David Smith. 


Lastly, I have published two poetry collections.  Vampires, Ghosts, Knights and other poetic tales, and Daisies and other Nature Poems. They couldn't be any different, and I am proud of both of them.


The Nature poems are my view of Nature and the Environment, whether walking along the canal, sitting on a park bench, or watching the Northern Lights. I write about sunsets and sunrises, the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean, and of course flowers, daisies, lilies, and daffodils.


Vampires, Ghosts, Knights, and other poetic tales are just that. A book of poems that tell stories. Meet Vlad the Vampire as he falls in love, what will the outcome be? A girly ghost who misses her Mum and Dad and the wonderful, glamorous balls they used to throw. The White Knight as he travels the lands looking for a maiden to be his wife, who will he discover along the way? And of course, not to forget tales of strong maidens, who write books and self-publish as well as raise money for good causes.