Below are two poems featured in my book Daisies and other Nature Poems - I hope you enjoy them. 


O little bird, perched high up in the tree
Come flap your wings, fly down, converse with me

O little bird come perch upon my arm
I will ensure that your tiny being comes to no harm

O little bird, you tweet your tuneful song all day long, loud and clear
Come whisper sweet nothings in my ear

O little bird perched high up in the tree
Flap your wings, fly little bird, be free, be free


Seasons they come and go
Winter is long and cold
Log fires burning to warm your bones
Children singing carols in front of altars
Chestnuts cooked over open fires
Christmas Day comes then into New Year, slowly bringing optimism and cheer for the following year

Slowly Winter changes to Spring
Eternally hopeful with all that it brings
Lambs being born in open fields
Cattle outdoors grazing, milk and beef is their yield
Flowers starting to open up, daffodils, tulips, and buttercups
Brightening the landscape for all to see, days warming up nicely

Along comes summer
The sun is strong and days last ten hours long,
Children have no summer school, playing outdoors is the rule, splashing in pools, playing in the park, allowed to stay out until almost dark
Barbeques in the garden with friends and family, day trips to the beach and splashing in the sea.

Slowly, slowly the season changes to Autumn
Leaves change colours, dropping to the floor
Animals go in hibernation finding safe places to store; food for them and their young
Now the days are shorter we don't see much sun
Days shortening, darkness ascending upon us all too soon as the sun disappears to be replaced by the moon.

Changes of the Season

O Little Bird