A lot of Poets are inspired by love, emotions, feelings, grief, family and certainly, I have written my share of these.  However, my inspiration is mostly taken from the environment.  Below is a selection of Poems and short stories or Poetic Tales that I have written.  




I’m up with the Larks and witness the Sunrise

The Sun sitting low in the sky

Casting a glow of pale yellow

Giving you a feeling of warm and mellow

The perfect start to the day


In the middle of the morning

There is a fog or mist still hanging around

Cloaking the landscape in mystery from sky to ground

 With mixtures of grey from dark to light

Tinged with a touch of wispy white

The mist rolling over fields and hills

Clinging to nature where it stands still

A cold wind blowing, lowering the temperature, bringing a chill


Around midday the Sun gains its strength

The fog or mist give up the fight

Fading away with the strength of the Sun’s light

Blue clear skies appear, the Sun has finally come out to play

Giving warmth to the remainder of the winter day


At the end of the day the sun does set

Showing colours of burnt orange and red

As darkness begins its slow descent

The day transitions into night

The Sun is replaced by the crescent of a Moon

Casting its pale light

The end of the day has come too soon

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