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This book is a Christmas story that sees Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie visit Lapland, they visit Elves making toys, meet the Head Groomsman looking after the reindeers, meet Rudolph and of course Santa. The children have a snowball fight, find a map, take tea with the Elves and there appears to be a problem with Rudolph’s nose, will everything be alright for Christmas Eve? Will Prince Simon, Prince Jason and Princess Sophie’s names appear on the Good or Naughty list, all will be revealed. Sit back and read the book independently or together as a family, let your children’s imagination run free.

This new story of the Two Princes and a Princess sees them visit the Wild Wild West, meet Crazy Horse, ride bareback, and eat with Indians. Then they move on and meet Wild Bill Hicock, who shows them around Deadwood, USA, a town that he is trying to amend the reputation of. He takes the children to the post office, to a blacksmith, and to a corral before the children go home. Let your childrens imagination run free.

This book has come about from a tale that I used to tell my three children when they were growing up. This particular story is about three children using their imagination to go on a trip to the moon and discovering it is made of cheese. In the story, they fill up on cheese only to return home and to find that their mummy has made their favorite tea—macaroni cheese. It is a story to draw children into an imaginary world of fun and humor told in verse.

This collection of Poetic Tales are aimed at the older audience, Young Adults.The Tales are written in a whimsical style, reflecting on a time past, Knights of Old and Thoroughly Modern Maidens. They are written with humour and a twist to the tale.

A collection of Poems about Nature and our environment by Jacqueline Mead.The Poems have been created over the last two years and range from Flowers to Rivers, Park Benches, Sunsets, Sunrise and Poems of various different insects and animals.There is some BONUS content which Jacqueline hopes will amuse both adults and children.