My name is Jacqueline Mead and I am primarily a Children's Author from

Exeter, England, United Kingdom.

I also write Poetry and Poetic Tales.

To-date I have published 4 books, 3 Children's Books via Authorhouse Publishing Company and 1 Poetic Tales book via Amazon.

This website is designed to tell you a little about me, what inspires me, where i publish my Poetry and how to connect with me via Social Media.

There will of course be links to purchase all of my works and an indication of what is to come next.


I  have always enjoyed reading Poetry having been introduced to Poetry and wonderful stories from an early age by my parents.

My parents bought me books such as The Butterfly Ball and The Grasshoppers Feast a beautifully written tale by William Plomer and beautifully illustrated by Alan Aldridge.

When I had children myself, I introduced them to books, bedtime stories as many parents do, I started to make up a tale of three children using a wardrobe as a rocket to fly to the moon and then finding the moon was made of cheese.  They filled up on cheese and when they got home their tummies were full and their mummy had made their favourite tea, macaroni cheese!

In 2017 I turned my children's story into a rhyming book and then wrote two more.

These children are very close to my heart and I can't wait to explore where i take them in book 4.