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Whatever brought you to this destination I hope you stay awhile and check out all the pages, read some of my poetry and recent reviews.

I am a Children’s Author and Poet from Devon, England the UK, I write children’s stories and have published three books to-date.

I started writing later than most at the age of 54, although I always made up stories for my children as well as reading them well known books at bedtime.

One particular story my children asked me for time and again is now published as two princes and a princess fly to the moon.  I think my children liked it as much for the action noises I would make as for the content.

aimed at children 3 – 7 years.  They are written with a familiar look and theme to each other. 

When a child picks up any of the books, they will see a similar start and end, hopefully, this will make them one of their favourite bedtime books to read.

My children’s books are written in rhyming verse.

The three books in the series to date are:

Two Princes and A Princess Fly to the Moon

In the first book, the children fly to the moon in the wardrobe Prince Simon finds in the basement of their home. In the wardrobe, the children find all the necessary equipment for their journey and their landing. They walk on the moon and being hungry they start eating pieces of the moon only to find it is their favourite type of cheese. Prince Simon finds its cheddar, Prince Jason Red Leicester and Princess Sophie Edam.

Two Princes and A Princess Visit the Wild Wild West

In book two the children once again go on another adventure in their wardrobe, only this time Prince Simon has a history test in the morning. The children find themselves in the land of the Wild Wild West. They meet the native American Indians and their Chief Crazy Horse and they ride horses and eat meat from a pot hung over wood. Then they meet the Sheriff Wild Bill Hicock and he takes them to meet a postmistress and to watch a blacksmith shoeing a horse and a corral. They also get treated to food before making their way home.

Two Princes and A Princess Visit Lapland

In book three the children once again go on another adventure in their wardrobe, this time they find themselves in Lapland. They have a snowball fight, go roly-poly down the snowy white hill, meet Elves and the Head Groomsman and finally, they meet Father Christmas and Rudolph but is all what it seems with Rudolph and are the children on the good or naughty list?






My poetry collections are inspired by our wonderful surroundings, nature, the environment, the moon, sun, and stars.

I like writing stories and have written many poetic tales about Vampires, Ghosts, and Knights finding love and strong maidens who make good choices.

I also write poems about Woodland Creatures, Monkeys, and Giraffes for example.

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Future Projects such as the Mouse with a house on the River Louse and friends.  In this collection of standalone stories, you will meet Mr. Mouse and his family and friends such as Frog and Bee, and just like you and me, they eat cake and drink tea and take pleasure in their gardens.

In an unnamed project I write about two young Unicorns who find themselves falling from their plant and landing on planet earth, where they make good friends with Professor Hogg and Joseph Peter who work to get their friends home.

A project aimed at 3-7 years has an Alien landing on planet earth making friends with a young boy and getting up to all sorts of mischief at a village fair.

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